An app I wrote to make lists of places. It uses foursquare location data pull in various metadata about the places. This metadata allows the lists to be sorted and searched by the user in ways not possible with a normal list.

Additionally, are synced to a central server (running on App Engine and written by me) which allows users to use multiple devices and a webapp to view their lists. Lists can also have multiple editors and viewers using the server backend.

iTunes Web App - sourcecode via github

I wanted a way to access my music at work and didn't like the existing solutions I found, so i built one. It tends to work best in newer versions of Chrome/Safari/Firefox. Opera and IE kind of work but don't look quite the same.

Some Features:

Random Circles

Generates randomly placed circles on a canvas

Sudikoff Interactive Directory

An interactive directory of the dartmouth computer science department. Note that it was designed for a touchscreen and also that the database that the flash uses is incomplete. It wasn't optimized for the internet at all because it would have normally run locally.